Thanks D&C

Although I may have disagreed with many stances that the ED Board may have taken this past year I have deeply appreciated being a part of the Board of Contributors. It has opened my eyes as to how government is working for us, or not, depending on the situation. Being part of the public discussion is something I have found to enjoy mainly because it encourages me to talk with more of the folks I see around town. Meeting some of the folks that we have interviewed has also been a pleasure.

From this experience I have decided to start my own blog which you can all find at I hope that any of you that have enjoyed reading my opinions will continue to follow me there.

2010 was quite an interesting year here in Rochester and I feel that 2011 will only prove to be even more interesting. Next year we have many races in the local political arena that should be not only exciting to watch but also exciting to take part in. I certainly plan to be involved and I hope that you do too! Considering that there are going to be local races that are going on in the district I live in don’t be surprised to see me running for something, although I have promised my fiance that I will hold off on announcing anything until after our wedding in Feb. That is the main focus right now, :) . Stayed tuned to to hear more or find me on facebook as well. I would appreciate hearing from the many readers of the ED Board blogs going forward.

Again, Thank you to the D&C for the experience and thanks to all of you who read as you make it worth taking the time to do so. So Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year to all of you! You will be hearing from me soon!

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  1. John Robortella says:

    Rich, I really enjoyed reading your posts on the D&C blog this past year and will check your new site regularly. Have a good holiday and all the best for your wedding in 2011.
    John Robortella, Canandaigua, N.Y.

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