Does Rochester really want you here?

It seems as though this year has brought about a handful of changes that I don’t believe are helping the concept of getting people downtown or within the city limits. Earlier this year we learned that we were going to get Red Light Cameras to increase safety. I have not heard one thing that indicates that safety has been assisted in any way but I have seen the headlines that indicate that we are making a lot of cash off of them.

Second we heard that the Mortimer Street Bus garage was going into an area that not seven years earlier we designated as retail/residential. People have poured millions of dollars into that area to find out that they have a new neighbor, a bus barn. This was done in the name of getting the buses off of Main Street, which I agree is needed to start the rebuilding of our city center.

Then we learned that we need to overhaul our “intermodal station” which is not really intermodal with the absence of the RTS bus center. It would make tons of sense to have all public transportation located in one single center within the city. Much like just about every other major city is trying to do across the world.

Then today we learn in the news that we have a new way to pay for public parking on the street. Sounds very handy as you can now use a credit card and take the ticket with you to another location if there is still time remaining. AWESOME! What is the catch you ask? And you were right, there is a catch. The cost more than doubled! From $.60 per hour to $1.25 per hour.

What is the message here City Government? I can tell you what I am trying to defend to my coworkers who live in Fairport. They look at me like I am crazy for sticking around the city and I keep telling them it is the best place to live in Monroe County. You are making my arguments very difficult to defend. Whatever track you are heading down, please stop. You are driving people out of the city and making it difficult to attract new folks to come in and enjoy it.

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