Rebuttal to Jim Lawrence piece 3/14/11

If ever there were a prize to be given on “condescending nattering”, Jim Lawrence would be the Nobel Prize winner of the category. Today Jim Lawrence unleashed yet another piece in the Editorial Blog slamming the GOP for not putting up a candidate for the “special election”. An election, mind you, that most have voiced the opinion reduces voter influence within the city limits. Considering that a majority of Rochester’s population within the city limits are “people of color”, in the words of Jim Lawrence, I would think that he of all people would commend the GOP for taking a stand against it.

I am a City Republican, as most of you know, and am one of the many voices that have been against this “special election” from the beginning. I have also speculated that if the GOP were in control of the city and were pulling the same stunt that Morelle and crew are, there would be outrage in the streets. I will also speculate that people like Jim Lawrence would accuse the GOP of reducing the voice of “people of color” and keeping them out of the process. If the GOP were in charge it would be a much different story line than we are hearing now. Apparently if the Democrat Party is reducing voter influence it is ok with Jim and many other media outlets in this city.

So Jim, you ought to be thanking the GOP for standing up against a process that has been manipulated by a small group of party insiders in your beloved Democrat Party. I know that in your mind, any and all things that the GOP does is wrong. In your effort to paint us as being terrible, you are looking like a fool. A fool with an axe to grind and even one willing to sell out the very same people that you claim to advocate for.

I am proud that the GOP is not sending a candidate into this “special election” and I look forward to November. This year there are four district seats up on city council, the very council that allowed for this “special election” to ever take place.

I hope the voters remember.

Jim Lawrence piece:

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2 Responses to Rebuttal to Jim Lawrence piece 3/14/11

  1. Jessica Gaspar says:

    I commend you for your post, Rich. I saw Mr. Lawrence’s piece yesterday, and I was fuming. I think it’s easy for people like Mr. Lawrence to attack the GOP and ask where we are because they are in a position “to be heard.” He would be the same man attacking any candidate we put up. A November election would have been beneficial to both the Democratic and Republican parties. City Council wanted to limit the number of candidates and shoe-in their party favorite, Mr. Richards.

    Turn the tables. If City Council was controlled by Republicans, there would be public outcry and a demand for a November election, and we would oblige to those city residents.

  2. sco11 says:

    good stuff. you got to love their new facebook signon they use now, only 2 comments in the top 9 blog contributions…..

    keep up the good work.

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